A Brighter World is respectful of your needs, requirements and budgets and is mindful of product standards and quality, including Eco-friendly products for the environmentally conscious buyer. The excellent work ethics of A Brighter World produce skilled results in home improvement projects including painting, renovations, window décor and decorating. 




Danny Kelly

As one of 5 children, life growing up in the 60’s and early 70’s was an adventure for Danny. Using imagination for building and creating something from nothing was a daily experience.  Education was an achievement with many developed skills in the trades industry. While maintaining a career in the textile field for over 23 years, many other managerial and leadership qualities were experienced and developed. After years of refining his trade skills through property development and projects along the way, A Brighter World was launched in 2010. Danny’s meticulous nature and passion for painting, decorating and home improvements has enabled A Brighter World to expand into full home improvements and renovations.  

Cathy Kelly
Decorating Specialist & Project Facilitator

Cathy began sewing with her mother at a very young age and gained knowledge and tremendous experience while working in the fabric manufacturing industry as well as drapery workrooms for some time. In September of 1999, she started her window décor business known as C.K. Coverings.

In July, 2010, Cathy's wealth of resources, experience and understanding of decorating allowed her to extend her services to include paint colour consultations, product sourcing and decorating advice to clients needing the extra guidance. Her passion and clear vision delivered extraordinary service to satisfied clients.

On July 1, 2016, C.K. Coverings merged with A Brighter World to combine quality Window Décor and home decorating services along with painting and home improvements.

Joshua Kelly
Renovation Technician & Project Specialist

At a very young age, Joshua began developing his building skills with hands on experience while working alongside his father.  Throughout his teenage years, Joshua developed painting skills second to none and when a full home renovation of their family home was a project at hand, he already had skills to put into practice.  In his final high school year, the renovations program allowed him to work in the field with professional instruction both at Conestoga College and on the job site.  Introduction to many different specialties in the industry would help narrow down his post-secondary career path. 

Joshua continued on to Conestoga College to study as Renovation Technician where he acquired a variety of skills in framing, dry walling, trim work, flooring and painting.  He is skilled in reading and creating building and renovation drawings using the Ontario Building Code (OBC) book and CAD design programs.

Peter Canakis
Painter & Renovation Technician

Peter grew up with an uncle who was a master painter from Greece. As a teenage, he won a city-wide contest as a visual artist allowing him the opportunity to spend time working with top Canadian artists at the Rodman Hall Art Gallery.  During his University years Peter was part of a painting crew and he continues to paint and practice his handyman skills on an every day basis.  Peter’s interest in the visual arts brings an aesthetic touch to his painting work while his communication and organizational skills are applied daily in our decorating and renovation projects.

Steven Kelly

Growing up Steven was always drawn to the sciences. He was fascinated with learning new things and applying fine attention to detail in his work. After completing his B.Sc. in Biological & Pharmaceutical Chemistry, he is now completing his Ph.D in Molecular & Cellular Biology at the University if Guelph.

Aside from his studies, Steven works as a part time painter with A Brighter World. Over the 4 years of his undergraduate education, Steven gained countless part-time hours learning the intricacies necessary for a professional paint job. Steven continues to apply his learned attention to detail and perfectionism from the sciences to every piece of trim, cabinet and wall that touches his brush.