Danny Kelly
Email: dannykelly@abrighterworld.ca
Phone: 226-979-0034

Danny Kelly Danny Kelly, your paint and home improvement specialist and owner of A Brighter World brings excellent, quality workmanship with over 20 years of hands on experience in the decorating and home improvement market.

What we offer

As a customer, you will have made an investment in your property when using the services of A Brighter World. The quality and workmanship provided will add delightful value and worth to your home and property.

A Brighter World is respectful of your needs, requirements and budgets and is mindful of product standards and quality including Eco-friendly products for the environmentally conscious buyer. For the DIY enthusiast who has everything but time, A Brighter World can free up your schedule by providing as much or as little service as needed to complete your “To Do List”. The excellent work ethics of A Brighter World produce skilled results in projects including: installation, preparation (taping & mudding) and repairs of drywall; application of paint; laminate, vinyl and cork flooring; and trimming.

Whether you are finishing a room, updating one or simply changing paint color, A Brighter World can support you through to completion. Paint Color Consultations are available through C.K. Coverings.